• Who will use the Veterans Next Step website?

    The website has one main purpose, and that is to showcase and promote Veteran’s skills and trades. Using the website and our social media profiles, we will promote the benefits and services available to a wide audience of people who wish to use the skills of Veteran’s whenever possible.

    Over 14,000 veterans from the Armed Forces alone are entering the jobs market each year. Latest figures suggest that there are over 1 Million Veterans of employment age in the UK. They include engineers, technicians, trainers, administrators, IT managers, drivers, chefs, nurses, pilots, operations managers, facilities managers, project managers and communications experts.

    Some Veterans find employment, however a large number find that self-employment works better for their particular skillset and lifestyle.

  • Can I register?

    When we use the term ‘Veteran’, we simply mean any person who has served in either the Armed Forces – Army, Navy or Airforce or from the Emergency Services – Police and Fire & Rescue. To register, you must be self-employed or have your own business and provide services to the public or to other businesses.

  • What if I can’t see my skill or trade on the available list?

    Veterans Next Step’s service offering has been developed to cover the entire UK. We invite Veterans to register their skills & trades and to select the geographical areas they wish to cover. During the registration process, you can select either Towns or Cities you wish to cover, or even an entire County. We do urge caution when considering which areas to select, if you are unable to cover a particular location when contacted it can look bad on the entire service offering and have a negative impact on everyone registered.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    During the launch phase of the service and website, the registration fee will be heavily discounted from £49.00 to just £5.00, this fee is to cover the administration costs.

    Several charities and veteran’s organisations have negotiated discounts of up to 12 months FREE membership. The usual charge for membership is £25.00 per month, therefore obtain your discount code and save over £300.00  You will still get all the features and benefits of membership, for more information and to see local participating charities simply contact us at support@veteransnextstep.co.uk

  • Can I cancel and leave the register?

    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. To do this, all you need to do is email us with your request containing your registration number and username. We will then email you to confirm your request.

  • What are the added benefits of joining?

    Apart from the added work and added exposure, we have arranged for certain suppliers to offer discounts on things that you and your business may need, such as tools and material along with things like insurance and even discounts on vehicle rental/sales. Wherever possible, we would also look to see where other veterans can offer discounts or benefits of a combined service approach.

  • How is Veterans Next step funded?

    The register is funded via ongoing membership fees. These fees are essential as they cover the ongoing running costs of the site along with registration costs. They also cover the costs associated with marketing and promotion of the site and services to the public. Part of this is an ‘education process’, and to inform the public of continued ways in which they can support veterans in their area.

    In the near future, we also plan to set up a fund where we can offer financial support to Veterans looking to establish a business or expand an existing one. Our newsletter will keep you informed of all developments and news.

  • What if I disagree with a review that has been left for me?

    When reviews are posted, we always check that the review is in line with our terms and conditions of use, and they are not defamatory in any way. If you believe that a review is unfair or false then we will remove the offending review whilst we investigate further.

  • What does a member’s profile look like?

    Each profile is unique and is essentially your ‘shop window’. Your profile is your way of informing the public – your customers of the services you provide along with details about you as a person and the skills and knowledge you have amassed. The information you add will help you get noticed and you can see a sample profile here.

    To make your profile stand out, you can add a profile image and your business logo. Adding a link to your website and social media profiles will massively help you own websites’ SEO and get you higher in Google rankings. Most importantly however, your profile will benefit enormously if you add examples of your work or by creating adverts that contain imagery and bullet-points of the services you offer.

    If you need any help creating your profile we are always available to assist you in any way that we can. Your profile will always be a work in progress, keeping it updated and refreshing any offers you may have will help to get it noticed. If you require assistance please call 0333 577 3220