Let’s all support our Self-Employed Veterans…

Life has been a challenge for us all recently and many businesses have suffered. During the lockdown, many of us have put a lot off completing household jobs on hold because they weren’t a really a necessary. Or we have put our fitness journey on hold because we haven’t been able to see our personal trainers. As the government is now loosening the lockdown and certain companies are allowed to go back to work, you can finally now get that drippy tap fixed, or the boiler repaired. Instead of using a large trade companies, why not #ThinkVeteran and employ one of our Self-Employed Veterans?

Self-Employed people and their businesses that will need the most help to stay running after the lockdown is over. Therefore, by giving them your business, you will help them to keep running and could potentially save their business.

Here are a few things to look out for when searching for a tradesperson:

  • Local, reliable – especially if it is an emergency situation
  • Experienced – know what they are doing, giving you quality service
  • Trustworthy – positive reviews left online

When researching, there are always thoughts running through your head; “You hear so many horror stories”, “Will they charge me more because I searched online?”.

We have a solution to your panic… you can always #THINKVETERAN

Veterans Next Step is the only online trade directory dedicated to Self-Employed Veterans. We know that a Self-Employed Veteran is skilled, reliable and trustworthy.

Next time you need a skilled tradesperson, #THINKVETERAN!