Refurbishing the Superlambanana: Veterans Next Step & Spray UPVC Ltd

In 2008, Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture as part of the celebrations Taro Chiezo a renowned artist designed a unique and now icon artwork. Superlambanana weighing almost 8 tonnes and standing at 5.2 metres (17 feet) tall, is intended to be a cross between a banana and a lamb. Over the years it has had various home, the latter being on Tithebarn Street, outside the LJMU Avril Robarts Library/Learning Resource Centre. Sadly, it has not fared well over the years and now requires attention.


Darren Melia founder of Veterans Next Step an online trade directory dedicated to self-employed veterans had the idea to refurbish the artwork using one of the directories members and contacted Paul Walsh owner of Spray UPVC, Paul immediately thought this was a fantastic idea. After meeting with Taro Chiezo and the Liverpool City Council, we agreed to start work in the early in 2020!


As the refurbishment proceeds, we will post pics and videos so keep your eyes peeled!