The Trouble with Online Directories… SOLVED!

Online trade directories are good, they enable people to find someone with skills and trades in an area close to them. However, these huge companies are charging £100s-£1000s for a small business to be listed, some even charge for a lead without guarantee for business. This post will give you the reasons why our site should be your next step.

Veterans Next Step is the only online trade directory dedicated to self-employed Veterans.

Online & Easy to Use

Our site allows you to find a veteran with the skills and trades you need in the area of your choice. With our newly improved website, we offer a service that is quick and easy to use. Simply input the skill or trade you need and the area you are located in and you are good to go!

12 Months Free Membership

Unlike other referral sites, we are not charging you £1000s to join. Use our unique discount code: VNS18 to get 12 months free membership and a discounted registration fee of just £5 plus VAT. This allows you to essentially ‘try before you buy’ and give you an insight of what we are offering.

Promoting your Business

We actively promote our members on social media to their specific target markets and for the areas they cover. With Veterans Next Step, we can get you listed and focused towards people who want to use your services.

Veterans Next Step is owned and operated by Veterans for the benefit of our members. Also, 10% of all revenues are returned to veterans – these are veterans who need help setting up or expanding their businesses and is overseen and managed by a major independent charity.

Register here and use the discount code: VNS18

Remember… Think Veteran!