Veterans Aid UK Event

This week, our partner Ste Talbot, Veteran of 24 years, attended an event hosted by Veterans Aid UK to raise awareness for who they are and what they do. Veterans Aid is a charity that aims to eventually stop homelessness of veterans all together. Their aim is no longer just to ‘address homelessness and its consequence’ but, by timely intervention, to prevent it . . . and prevent it recurring.

The event took place in Anfield where a number of Veterans showed up to support the cause. Ste told us “Overall it was a great day, I got to support a cause that is doing amazing things for Veterans and I met some lovely people”

Ste Talbot with Veterans Aid

Ste spoke to Phoenix Heroes, a charity that supports Veterans and their families with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by acting as a structured platform to place them on different community outdoor group activities, training courses and help them to gain employment. They also spoke about Veterans Next Step and they were keen to support our services.

Ste Talbot with Pheonix Heroes

Ste also had the privilege of talking to Rusty Firmin, an ex SAS and author of “Go! Go! Go!” and many more. He was more than happy to be supporting Veterans Aid as well as support us in our journey.

Ste Talbot with Rusty Firmin

We would like to thank Veterans Aid for a great day and for all the help and support they are giving to Veterans who are struggling. It’s so nice to see veterans come together for such an amazing cause.