Veterans Focus – Ste Talbot

An Interview with Ste Talbot

We had the opportunity to interview Self-Employed Veteran Ste Talbot, member of Veterans Next Step and owner of ‘Lock Smart’. Lock Smart is a 24-hour locksmith service based in Merseyside. We spoke about the struggles of finding a job after coming out of the services and what Veterans Next Step means to him.

How long have you been self-employed?

“Well I left the army in 2011 so since then really”

Why did you choose to be self-employed?

“When you leave the army, you go on a course, and this course could be two or three weeks long. You then go to an employer and the first thing they ask you is ‘What experience have you got?’ and if you turn around and say ‘Well I have been on this three week course’ they tend to look at you and go ‘Come back when you’ve got some experience’. Hence why you go self-employed to gain the experience, I then gained the experience and just carried on doing my own thing.”

Have you been on any other directories?

“When I first started, I went on some of the bigger named ones and it cost me an absolute fortune and I didn’t get any return from it at all. They promise you the earth and you get nothing.”

Why did you join Veterans Next Step?

“I’ve still got a lot of links with the ex-forces and veterans”

Image of Ste's profile on Veterans Next Step
Screenshot of Ste’s profile here on Veterans Next Step

Why do you think it’s better than other directories?

“You are a lot closer knit within this community and you have still got a lot of people out there who will trust someone who has been in the services and they think ‘oh they’re ex-services, we will give them a chance, they’ve done things for us in the past’”

What are your thoughts on 12 months free?

“Oh fantastic! When you look at some of the other ones, you’re paying £200-£300 a month or a quarter and you’re not getting it back whereas this is giving you a 12-month trial period, if you don’t like it you can walk away with it not costing you anything”

If you are a self-employed Veteran, register here today.