Why Online Reviews Are So Important.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were ready to buy a product or use someone’s services and they had significantly negative reviews or no reviews and you backed out? Offering third-party proof that your company does what it says, and your customers are happy and satisfied. As we have just launched our new reviewing system on our site, we thought going through the importance of online reviews would help our members be able to get more business and attract the right people.

Why do we need online reviews?

With the number of scammers around, customers want to be reassured that they will get what they are looking for so they will automatically turn to reviews. Up to 90% of people will consult online reviews before making a purchase highlighting your past customers are what count when you are getting new business. Make sure you make the right impression to any customer you encounter, this will help you to get more and more positive online reviews. Although, negative reviews aren’t always a bad thing, I know they can seem scary, but they can always be turned positive by your reply back to the customer.

Replying to your Reviews

Engaging with your customers who review your business will always help. Whether it is a good or bad review, you are wanting to make a good impression to create customer loyalty. When getting a positive review, make sure to thank the customer for the review as this will make them feel a lot more satisfied as the connection with the business is ongoing. However, regarding a negative review, the best way to handle this is to address the issue in a professional manner and leave a contact number for the customer to call you back and sort it out. This will show potential customers that you are willing to sort out any problems and make all of your customers satisfied with their purchase.

Keywords relating to your business

When your customers are leaving a review, most of the time they will use keywords that relate to your business. For example, Assured Creative Media is a business providing photography and videography. They will want keywords that are associated with their brand like ‘3D computer generated models’ and ‘logo’ like these reviews here. In the long run, this will help their SEO and Google Ranking as this is what people will search for when looking for those specific products.

Screenshot of Assured Creative Media's profile on the "Read Reviews" tab
Assured Creative Media’s profile on Veterans Next Step

How to get people to leave you a review

Going forward, any new business you get, make sure to ask them to leave a review. Create a template email to send out to your customers that are new, existing or old. This will help you get more business and build up positive brand awareness.

If you are a Veterans Next Step member, get your customers to leave a review on your profile. As there are a number of businesses with the same skill or trade as you, having a high star rating will help them choose you over them. Ever used any of our members for their services? Go along to their profile and leave them a review, help them get the recognition they deserve.